From the moment you began your presentation to the Kimpton Hotels Professional Women’s Group, you had us captivated. Your knowledge of the subject was beyond question, but the research you did on Kimpton and the issues we face on a daily basis made the information provided so relevant and compelling. Your amazing enthusiasm for your topic, coupled with your sense of humor made for a genuine and inspirational presentation

—Paige T. Dunn, Director of Sales & Marketing, Kimpton Hotels

It was indeed a pleasure to view your breakout firsthand. You have a high level of energy and enthusiasm for your topic, which is refreshing in these days of “dry” speakers. Your topic on the changes in our lives and industry today was very relevant and I found it to be a timely topic.

—Ann C. Craig, Director, Purchasing & CreativeEXPRESS, Creative Group, Inc.

You did an INCREDIBLE job! Your session had energy and enthusiasm, but even more importantly, content people really wanted to hear. I loved the fact that you shared personal info to highlight your points. You caught our attention from the very beginning!

—Diane Kaufman, Owner, Mermaid Cottages

The energy you have is something you should preserve forever. The way you did your presentation was great because we were learning from a real human being-this person I saw in that room was a very real and refreshing one.

—Karil Silman, Director of Sales, Marriott Resorts

This session was lively, fast paced, and packed with solid information that I could use in my business. You are a fabulous speaker and bring passion and energy to your presentations. Your insights into the complexities of the Latino market were perceptive and truly helpful. This is a not-to-be missed program.

—Nancy Olah, Board Member, Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW)

You were the right person to lead this important discussion and you identified not only the challenges, but also the opportunities in working with this select and important segment of the population: the Latinos. Great job!

—Shawn Rush, Board Member, Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW)

I enjoyed attending your workshop. Very well done. I can relate so well to balancing work and home. I have been working as a remote employee for over 7 years. It is challenging, but I would never consider working in an office again!

—Joyce Forte, Senior Purchasing Manager, Excellence In Motivation

Thanks for the inspiration! It’s great to know that those of us who have decided to be more than someone’s mother, daughter or wife are rolling forward.

—Teresa Matamoros, CMP Deputy Director, Mexico Tourism Board

Thanks so much for your enlightening presentation. It was fun and informative. Your energy is contagious.

—Linda M. Knight, President, Conference Resources International, Inc.