You’ve probably heard that baby boomers are now the majority of customers. They’re transforming how people experience middle age and they’re making new lifestyle choices. Learn about the opportunities that their choices create for you.

Consider these three facts about baby boomers:

1. Boomers are redefining work.

  • Three quarters of boomers want to do some kind of workafter they leave their current jobs. More than half of this group want to do something completely different. Over 10% want to start their own business.
  • They’re more afraid of boredom than death and want to be stimulated by the work they choose, whether it is something new or a return to a previous interest.
  • Boomers are valued members of the workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a shortfall of workers in the future. Talent, expertise and knowledge will be in particularly short supply.

2. Boomers have bucks.

  • They control more than 50% of the nation’s discretionary income and three quarters of the country’s financial wealth.
  • Boomers are the most powerful consumers of leisure goods, home remodeling, technology, medicines, beauty products, investment products and life insurance.

3. Boomers are enjoying new freedoms.

  • Their kids have moved out or soon will have, creating more time for leisure.
  • Boomers are considering second homes and travel options.
  • Expectations have changed for seasonal homes, resorts, spas and wellness centers.

Boomers have a very optimistic approach to life. Existing concepts of retirement, aging, and “being old” don’t apply to them. They are interested in personal growth. The concepts of retirement, aging, and being old don’t apply to them. Susan helps you consider their whole new approach to later life as an opportunity and gain a productive understanding of how boomers are living, while at home, work or play.

As a result of this session, you will:

  • Learn boomers’ needs and wants.
  • Specify niche markets within the boomer segment: one size does not fit all.
  • Create strategies to adapt your existing products and services…and develop new ones that will attract boomers.
  • Discover effective ways to reach boomers and to jump start your business.

Learn more about Susan’s style and approach.