How Boomers Provide Opportunities for Your Business

You’ve probably heard that Baby Boomers are now the majority of customers. They’re transforming how people experience aging and they’re making new lifestyle choices. Learn about the opportunities that their choices create for you.

How Today’s Changing Lifestyles Affect Your Business

Organizations that innovate to meet changing customer lifestyles will be successful. Susan discusses relevant demographic and lifestyle trends and their impact.

How Women’s Interests & Needs Translate to Your Success

Women are smart, savvy, and powerful customers—worthy of being attracted and satisfied. What most women have in common is confidence in their chosen lifestyle, the power to make major buying decisions, and the feeling that they are being ignored.

Life/Work Strategies for Women in Today’s World

What does “balance in life” mean to you? How do you achieve it and maintain it? Learn how to manage the increasingly complex, blurred lines between work life, home life, and personal time to benefit yourself and others.

How the Exploding Latino Market Impacts You

Are you ready to optimize the unforeseen economic clout of the Latino population? Learn about the fastest-growing segment of the US population, estimated to grow by 60% by 2020. Understand the implications and impact it is having on your customer base, as well as your workforce.

How to Bring Your Brand Alive

The value of a brand to any organization, large or small, is tremendous. It is central to your growth, competitiveness, and long-term market power. Only when every employee is living and breathing will your brand’s power be fully leveraged.

How to Make Strategic Marketing Plans Fun, Fast & Effective

How can your organization achieve its marketing goals? By creating a plan. A Strategic Marketing Plan provides a road map for how to “get there from here” and it leverages the full power of marketing.

Strategies for Multi-Generational Workplaces

Never before have we had four generations in the workplace, each with vastly different values, beliefs and expectations about work … and life. This has led to increased tension, largely around the use of technology and the definition of a “work ethic.” Gain an understanding of Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists, and the implications for your workforce and your customers too.