NewHeight demonstrated exceptional ability to lead the process of examining our project from all aspects of the business environment. They possess keen insight and understanding of the market tendencies and changes looking forward, including the social and economic trends of our customers.

—Claire Callen, President, Oceanside Resorts, Inc.

Our annual strategic planning retreat was a huge success because of Susan’s thoughtful preparation and superb facilitation skills. Susan quickly earned the trust of our key executives, and her energy level and enthusiasm proved to be contagious.

—Chris Bruch, President, Donohoe Hospitality Services

Susan helped us create a strategy-focused organization and align our thinking, people and processes. She assisted us in creating a compelling culture with values our team can aspire to.

—Drew McCafferty, Executive Vice President, Donohoe Hospitality Services

Susan’s extraordinary passion for marketing and desire to think about things from a different perspective helped us come up with a new and innovative way to describe our product offering. She is fun and full of energy!

—Angie O’Grady, President & COO, Preferred Offices

NewHeight masterfully led our family business through a strategic planning process that was inclusive, thoughtful, and effective. Their high energy and enthusiasm, combined with market knowledge, proved invaluable during this process that involved both family dynamics and business evaluation.

—Paula Carreiro, Owner, Linekin Bay Resort

The NewHeight Group led us in strategic planning sessions, shaped the discussions with multiple service providers, provided comparables from similarly situated hospitality and residential facilities, developed a master plan for marketing, and helped us choose the most compatible architects, designers and contractors for our resort redevelopment.

—Peter Branch, Owner, Linekin Bay Resort

We could not have found a more energetic and industry knowledgeable person to drive our strategic planning process. Susan’s unique insight and passion for our tightly defined niche in the hospitality industry has allowed us to maintain our delicate balance between growing our visibility in the consumer marketplace and maintaining our brand essence.

—Thierry G. Roch, Executive Director, Historic Hotels of America | Preferred Hotel Group

What amazed us most was Susan’s ability to harness the many and varying opinions of our diverse member volunteer base and actually come up with a working plan that appealed to all. Anyone who can keep frogs in an open wheelbarrow has my respect and support!

—Thierry G. Roch, Executive Director, Historic Hotels of America | Preferred Hotel Group